The Forecasting Floats in Turbulence competition, run by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is a challenge to predict where drifting sensors in the Atlantic will end up in 10 days in order to win a prize


5 November 2021

A man swimming next to a floating, solar-powered sensor

The DARPA competition uses solar-powered sensors from US firm Sofar Ocean

Sofar Ocean

A message in a bottle dropped in the ocean may be found years later somewhere completely unexpected; the routes taken by such bottles have been an enduring mystery of the sea. This month, researchers will attempt to tackle that mystery in the Forecasting Floats in Turbulence competition sponsored by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), with a $50,000 prize at stake.

Oceanographers have an accurate picture of so-called mesoscale features, patterns of ocean currents that cover …

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