ACT Fibernet has launched a new “Speed boost” offer which gives its users up to 500 Mbps of broadband speed for free. This is a limited period offer and will remain valid until the month ends. ACT is a popular broadband service provider, which is available in cities including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, among others. Here’s everything you need to know about the new offer.

ACT Fibernet offers up to 500 Mbps for free

The new offer is available for everyone, but not everyone will get a 500Mbps upgrade for free. Those who have purchased a broadband plan with more than 300Mbps (less than 500Mbps) will get an internet speed of 500Mbps at no extra cost. The company has noted that users who have a 500Mbps plan won’t be upgraded to a 1Gbps speed plan.

Similarly, the new offer is also available for those ACT Fibernet customers that have a broadband plan with less than 100Mbps speed. These users will get upgraded to 100Mbps plan. Furthermore, customers who have opted for more than 100Mbps will be able to avail 300Mbps internet speed plan.

ACT Fibernet has sent emails to its customers across the country to inform them about the new offer. The offer is also running as a banner on the ACT app. It should be noted that the company is not automatically upgrading broadband speed and users will have to avail that manually by going into the app and tapping on the offer banner.

One will also find this offer on the company’s official ACT Fibernet website. Here, you will notice an advertisement banner, which says ‘Speed boost’ offer. Customers just need to tap on it to avail the offer. It will only be visible to the existing subscribers.

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