WhatsApp is one of the most popular tools for communication in India and around the world. With use-cases ranging from casual chitchatting to work communication and morning greetings to running businesses, the tool is one of the first apps people will today install on a new phone, and for good reason.

And WhatsApp is filled with features aimed at productivity, privacy, and everything in between. However, there are some third-party tools that you can use to take your WhatsApp experience to the next level. Here are five such apps that you should definitely know about if you’re a heavy WhatsApp user.

Note that most of these apps are for Android phones, although you may find paid/free alternatives on the Apple App Store. Some of the apps mentioned below may require access to your WhatsApp data. Avoid using these tools if you don’t want to share your WhatsApp data or phone’s notification access with third-party tools.

1. WhatsAuto Reply

WhatsAuto Reply is used by individuals as well as business accounts to generate automatic replies that the app can send via your WhatsApp account to people when you’re not around. The app is easy-to-use and features a number of neat settings to customise auto-replying tasks.

whatsapp companion apps, whatsapp, whatsapp features, WhatsAuto Reply is material design compliant and packed with settings. (Express Photo)

It is also material design compliant and goes well with the native WhatsApp theme and design language, feeling less of a third-party app and more of an extension to WhatsApp itself.


WAMR is a very handy tool if you’re someone who (like me) is bothered by deleted messages day in and day out. These could be from friends, colleagues, or even family members. Once WAMR is set up and running in the background, all it needs is access to your notifications and it will keep tabs on all messages.

whatsapp companion apps, whatsapp, whatsapp features, WAMR is a very handy tool if you’re someone who (like me) is bothered by deleted messages. (Express Photo)

This means to recover deleted messages, all you need to do is open WAMR and check its organised logs. The app will even recover deleted media items, but due to how it works, will only be able to recover texts and media that were sent (and deleted) after WAMR’s installation. So a text someone sent to you and deleted a week ago is gone for good. Check out a detailed piece on how to set up the app here.

3. Transcriber for WhatsApp

Transcriber for WhatsApp is a relatively new tool we found on the Play Store and while it is still early-access, it is very useful and is set to only get better in the future. As the name suggests, the tool lets you transcribe voice notes sent to you. It even supports multiple languages including English and Hindi.

whatsapp companion apps, whatsapp, whatsapp features, Transcriber for WhatsApp lets you transcribe voice notes and listen to them discreetly. (Express Photo)

As a bonus, the app also offers an incognito listening mode that lets you slyly listen to voice notes without alerting the other party of the same. Check out our detailed piece on how to use the app here.

4. Sticker Maker

Moving on from productivity apps to something more fun, Sticker Maker is a tool that you can use to make your own stickers, using your own pictures. The app is very simple to use and equally fun.

whatsapp companion apps, whatsapp, whatsapp features, Sticker Maker lets you create custom stickers and sort them into packs. (Express Photo)

The tool also lets you sort your stickers into organised sticker packs so you don’t have a hundred of them all in one spot only to not find the right one on time. This lets you create separate packs like one for stickers of your face and another for your friend’s face and so on.

5. Status Saver

WhatsApp status updates are basically a rip-off of the ‘stories’ feature from Snapchat that you can pretty much see on all social media platforms today. With so many stories being put on WhatsApp in the form of text updates, photos, and videos, you may want to save something interesting you see.

whatsapp companion apps, whatsapp, whatsapp features, Status saver apps like this one will help you save WhatsApp Status pictures and videos easily. (Express Photo)

This is where Status Saver apps come in handy, allowing you to save status updates including not just pictures but also video updates. There are a number of status saver apps available on the Play Store and some of them even offer some extra features. Take your pick and install any app you like.

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