Apple arguably jumped inside the rapidly evolving Apple device management space when it introduced Apple Business Essentials this week. But how do people in the industry feel about the company’s debut?

Jamf CEO welcomes the opportunity

“When Apple innovates, Jamf celebrates,” Jamf CEO, Dean Hager said, on learning about Apple Business Essentials. “We believe this expected announcement is good news and presents Jamf with a terrific opportunity.”

Analyst Horace Dediu notes that the addressable market is effectively about 212 million businesses worldwide, with around 31 million in the US alone. Most of these smaller entities run their IT in a fashion that’s more like consumer markets than enterprise, notes Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Milanesi thinks Apple’s entrance into the market may be a problem for Apple MDM vendors such as Jamf, but sees opportunities for them to enhance Apple’s basic offer in other ways. That’s also what Hager thinks.

Jamf, which announced an impressive set of Q3 results Nov. 11, has always existed alongside Apple. Hager noted several times during the last decade when industry watchers thought Apple moves might damage his business: Once when Apple introduced MDM in 2010, again in 2011 with Profile Manager, later with Apple Configurator, and more recently with Apple Business Manager.

Bridge the gap

Hager argues that in each of those cases Jamf’s business grew as it worked to bridge the gap between what Apple offers and the sometimes more specialized needs of enterprise customers.

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