You can now run FileMaker scripts using Apple’s Siri Shortcuts app on Macs, iPhones, and iPads, a promising move that makes more automation possible for some business users.

Shortcuts for FileMaker

Apple subsidiary Claris first introduced support for Shortcuts a couple of years ago in FileMaker Go, the mobile version of its venerable cross-platform relational database application. The company has now extended this support to Mac users with its very recent macOS Monterey update.

The introduction of this support means you can run FileMaker scripts just like any other Shortcut, including via Siri.

You do need to designate which of your scripts you want to “donate” to Shortcuts, after which you can use those scripts in routines that you design. You also need to assign privileges to those scripts to enable access to them. “You can then run a shortcut using the Shortcuts app or Siri voice commands to open the file, run your script, and pass in an optional parameter,” says FileMaker.

This support makes it possible for companies using FileMaker to build voice commands to enable some tasks. These could include automations, inventory updates, or simply a process launcher.

You can also integrate your donated FileMaker scripts within workflows of any other Shortcut-enabled application. (This video may help explain how this works on iOS, but make sure your devices aren’t listening for the ‘Hey Siri’ command the narrator uses way too often during the presentation.)

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