If you’re looking to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S this holiday season, we’re here to help. Ever since launching roughly a year ago, both the Series X and Series S have been quite difficult to find. Retailers don’t have them readily available on shelves and online restocks tend to sell out in minutes. It probably won’t get much easier to buy a Series X or Series S in the coming months due to increased demand during the holiday season. That said, it’s not uncommon to see multiple Xbox Series X and Series S restocks each week at retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and the Microsoft Store. Last week alone we saw two separate restocks at Walmart (following three the previous week), all of which were announced ahead of time. Still, the restocks sold out extremely fast. As we start the week, we’ve seen multiple restocks on the Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X, which launched today alongside Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode.

We’ve rounded up retailer listings for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S below. We’ll update this article every time a new restock is available, so you may want to bookmark this page and check back frequently. Keep in mind that it’s easier to find the Series S than the Series X. The Series X and Series S are sometimes available via Xbox All Access, a purchasing agreement that lets you pay off the console and a Game Pass subscription in monthly installments ($35 for Series X, $25 for Series S).

Xbox Series X restocks: Retailer listings

Xbox Series S restocks: Retailer listings

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X: Retailer listings

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X - $550
Halo Infinite Xbox Series X – $550

Xbox Series X Black Friday restocks

Walmart will have the Xbox Series X and Series S in stock for Black Friday starting November 22. You will only be able to purchase the console online during Black Friday week at Walmart. Stock will be limited, but we imagine Walmart will treat Black Friday restocks like other recent restocks–releasing consoles in waves for purchase over multiple days. GameStop will have the Xbox Series X in stock at elect stores on Thanksgiving.

It’s unclear if other retailers will have the Xbox Series X in stock for Black Friday, but it’s a pretty safe bet that most major retailers will feature the Xbox Series X|S in their Black Friday ads.

Recent Xbox Series X restocks

You can find the most recent Xbox Series X and Series S restock dates below

  • Walmart: November 12
  • Best Buy: November 15
  • Microsoft Store: October 28
  • Target: October 27
  • Amazon: November 15
  • GameStop: October 26
  • Antonline: September 21

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