Finding RTX 3080 Ti stock is, unfortunately, just as difficult as it was when the all-star refresh launched earlier this year in June. However, the tide may be changing soon as we’ve seen RTX 30 series restock events happening more in the past two months than with the rest of the year. With the Black Friday graphics card deals right around the corner, there’s an, admittedly slim, possibility that we could see the RTX 3080 Ti in stock for its respective MSRP as opposed to the current aftermarket values we’re seeing. 

In terms of where to buy RTX 3080 Ti, we’ve seen brief restock events happen, predominantly at Best Buy in the US, throughout October and once or twice in November so far. Let it be known that anyone running this particular video card in their rig definitely has one of the best gaming PCs possible right now, though that accolade is very much reflected in the price of the GPU itself. 

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