Popular Twitch streamer xQc lost over $800,000 during a recent gambling stream due to a glitch with the site caused by the streamer.

Gambling streams have become an increasingly popular category for many content creators on streaming platforms like Twitch. However, the massive rise of streams dedicated to watching top talents wager hundreds of thousands of dollars has been met with plenty of backlash from viewers and even other creators. Top streamers like Asmongold and Mizkif have spoken out against the rise of gambling-focused content with Mizkif even turning down a major gambling sponsorship. However, gambling streams continues to pull in tens of thousands of viewers with xQc standing as one of the most noteworthy.

Twitch streamer xQc has a shaky history with gambling, both in games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and gambling websites like Stake. xQc has admitted in the past that the streamer has a gambling addiction. However, he would go on to justify his actions by saying that he “can afford it” as one of the top-earning streamers on Twitch. Despite admitting his clear addiction to gambling, xQc has continued to regularly stream his online gambling with a recent stream featuring the streamer taking a major loss outside the game.

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During one of xQc’s most recent streams, the streamer made a major error while playing The Wild Machine on gambling website Stake. While on a streak that saw the streamer set to earn winnings totaling over $800,000, xQc hit the Refresh button on his browser causing an error when attempting to reload the page. After a rage-filled tirade at the self-inflicted losses, xQc sinks into his chair staring at the error screen, later remarking that he likely would have continued to gamble with the money. Click here to see a clip of the stream, but be warned that some strong language is used.

While xQc’s blunder resulted in a significant monetary loss for the streamer, it is unlikely to have an effect on either his own status or his future with gambling streams. Twitch streamer xQc’s gambling streams have been the subject of scathing remarks from fellow creators like Amouranth. The streamer has even previously claimed he would stop doing gambling streams only to later start up once again. xQc has also seen record-breaking success in recent months with a stream of Overwatch 2‘s beta in April breaking his viewership record with over 300,000 watching his stream.

Twitch streamer xQc’s recent loss comes as gambling mechanics in gaming has become a hot button issue in recent years. Alongside the rise in popularity of gambling-focused streams on Twitch, many within the gaming community at large have begun to rally against the inclusion of gambling mechanics. Loot boxes have been a particular focus for many upset with gaming’s connection with gambling with some countries even looking to ban loot boxes entirely. Despite the growing animosity towards gambling, xQc continues to see success during his gambling streams which will likely continue into the future.

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