One talented modder of Marvel’s Spider-Man PC port shows off the cutscenes of the game, all from a first-person perspective.

One talented modder shows off how the cutscenes of Marvel’s Spider-Man would look like if it was from a first-person perspective. Since the game was ported to PC this year, modders and other gamers have been enjoying the perks that come with it. This includes a constantly growing modding community that has done some crazy things with the game. While many of these mods are cosmetic, like replacing Spidey with Wolverine, one mod that has been getting traction is shifting the game’s perspective from a third-person adventure to a first-person game.


The first showcase of this mod was created by jedijosh920, who has been a modder for the game ever since its PS4 release. Their latest video of Spider-Man in first-person view shows a realistic look at the superhero and what he sees. This includes a somewhat nauseating and shaky sight of Spider-Man swinging through the city and crawling up walls. The next showcase of this mod is the cutscenes of the game from the first-person view.

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This new video from jedijosh920 gives a rundown through many of the game’s cutscenes, which all are played from Spidey’s perspective, including the moments where he’s swinging through the city or talking with other characters. This first-person mod of Marvel’s Spider-Man also lets the player see a bunch of details that would normally never be seen. This includes ways the game constructs its cutscenes and how it frames them, which can be somewhat jarring and easy to spot based on the character model’s flickering lighting.

These cutscenes aren’t just limited to the base game, as it also shows off parts of the DLC from Spider-Man’s perspective. In essence, it gives the player something akin to a Spider-Man VR game, where the entire game is showcased. Some found the experience fascinating, where it showcases all the little things behind the camera, while others thought some of the more action-focused scenes were disorienting due to how quickly the camera moves and changes perspective.

Much like jedijosh920’s last showcase of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the tools to download this mod and implement them into the PC version can be found in the video’s description box, linking to the game’s modding Discord server. With Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales coming to the PC platform later this year, fans can expect a similar first-person mod to possibly be created for that game, which would allow them to experience the trials and tribulations of the younger Spider-Man from a different perspective.

Spider-Man Remastered is available now on PC and PS5.

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