While it might be hard for some players to believe, Minecraft has been out for over a decade. However, the game looks much different than it did following its initial release. Each year, the developers at Mojang have continued to support the title with fresh updates that bring new DLC to the game. For example, the developer just released The Wild Update. Among the content added in this most recent update was a new mob, frogs.

Frogs are passive mobs found in the procedurally generated worlds of Minecraft. These amphibians call swamp and mangrove swamp biomes home. As one might suspect, these mobs can jump large distances, up to 10 blocks high, to be exact. Interestingly, frogs can eat slimes and magma cubes and can produce froglights, a type of block that gives off light. In addition, these passive mobs come in several colors, such as green and orange. Recently, one gamer decided to celebrate the inclusion of this new mob in Minecraft by making a piece of impressive and very soft fan art based on its design.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as Puglin shared a picture of a frog plush they had made based on Minecraft. Among the highlights of the design was its scale. Impressively, the size of the plush was quite large, as it appeared to take up most of the desk it was positioned on. In addition, the artist managed to capture many of the iconic features of the passive mob, such as its light green coloration and tan underbelly. On top of that, the plush maintained a blocky shape similar to the frogs in Minecraft. Beyond this, the creator shared another picture of the green plush frog situated next to an even larger orange one.

Many members of the Minecraft community on Reddit seem to love this unique plush based on the frogs seen in the game. Impressively, the post has gathered over 10.7K upvotes in only a couple of days, with a number of users praising its resemblance to the amphibians seen in-game. Furthermore, some gamers loved the design so much that they wished the artist would make more frog plushes and sell them online.

While this plush frog based on Minecraft is unique, it is far from the only fan art made by talented gamers. Over the past couple of months, fans have made impressive creations in and out of the game. For example, another Minecraft player recently made vehicles that resembled those seen in the popular Mario Kart series. It will be interesting to see what talented members of the gaming community come up with next. Maybe Puglin will choose to make even more plushes based on the numerous mobs found in Minecraft.

Minecraft is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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