This March, the Marvel Universe’s new Sorcerer Supreme (who Marvel Comics has promised to name in December) will get their own title – and weirdly enough, it’s a title we already know, sort of.

The new title is simply called Strange, judging by newly released teaser art announcing the series, though the filename of the teaser art is listed as ‘DoctorStrangeTeaser,’ which may be a slight but ultimately incidental discrepancy, or which could indicate something about who the new Sorcerer Supreme might be.

Remember, “Strange” isn’t part of a title that’s passed down like the Sorcerer Supreme – it’s Stephen Strange’s actual surname.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

“A new Sorcerer Supreme will rise,” reads the teaser’s simple text. Marvel has already vowed to name the new Sorcerer Supreme in December’s Death of Doctor Strange #4, though the publisher hasn’t offered many clues about the identity of Earth’s new magical protector.

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