Warner Bros. Entertainment has released a new gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights, showing off the different navigation and combat styles of Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, and Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. The gameplay looks…okay. It certainly doesn’t look terrible–the far greater tragedy is that Gotham Knights has apparently nerfed Grayson’s magnificent ass, which looks positively flat in all the gameplay.

Gotham Knights utilizes a combat system of parries, dodges, and special strikes that looks similar to the Batman: Arkham series. The game seems to feature a similar navigation system as well, allowing you to stealth your way through encounters and carefully move from building to building to reach your objective.

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As Gotham Knights features four potential playable characters, each presents a unique playstyle. The trailer only covers Nightwing and Red Hood. Presumably, Batgirl and Robin are being saved for another video later down the line.

As seen in the trailer, Nightwing is an acrobatic close-range fighter who can add shock and freeze damage to his Escrima Sticks to stun his foes and pull off quick combos. To get around the city, he utilizes a glider. In contrast, Red Hood uses firearms for far stronger and significantly louder long-range attacks, punishing foes before they can even close with him. Jason can navigate the city by using the energy of his soul to springboard through the air.

The trailer showcased how these two different playstyles compare when tackling the same story mission solo, as well as how they can both complement one another if you’re playing Gotham Knights in two-player co-op.

Interestingly, the trailer also seems to hint that the Court of Owls is introduced rather early in Gotham Knights’ storyline–as opposed to revealing their involvement after a slow-burning mystery–and even showcases what combat against members of the organization looks like.

The trailer gives us a taste of how gameplay will look on the Batcycle, which looks a lot like a more controlled variation of the Batmobile from Arkham Knight. A subsequent trailer revealed that preordering Gotham Knights will net you the 233 Kustom Batcycle skin for free.

Gotham Knights is set to launch for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on October 25. WB has confirmed Gotham Knights is not coming to PS4 or Xbox One.

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