Comic strip character Popeye the Sailor is getting back into the food business, and some of his friends (and even an enemy) are joining him.

EC Segar’s iconic Popeye the Sailor franchise, now owned by King Features Syndicate, will be the face of a line of hot sauces and coffees called Popeye’s Signature, produced by the Florida-based food and beverage company Jade City Foods. 

“Popeye has always been a love of mine from the early Fleischer cartoons to more recent IDW comics,” Jade City Foods founder Cliff Wiener says in the announcement. “It’s really fun to dig in and create foods inspired by the characters we know and love.”

Popeye’s Signature hot sauces (Image credit: Jade City Foods)

The Popeye’s Signature hot sauces are:

  • Popeye’s ‘Strong to the Finish Hot Sauce’ (Jalapeño Spinach)
  • Eugene the Jeep’s ‘Jeep! Jeep! Magic Hot Sauce’ (Pineapple Habanero)
  • Wimpy’s ‘I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for Some Burger Sauce Today’ (Sweet & Smokey Sriracha)
  • Bluto’s ‘You Can’t Handle My Hot Sauce, Runt!’ (Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost Peppers)

The Popeye’s Signature coffee blends are:

Popeye’s Signature coffee (Image credit: Jade City Foods)

  • Popeye’s ‘Blow Me Down Blend!’ (a Courageously Strong Dark Roast)
  • Olive Oyl’s ‘I’m Too Kind-Hearted Blend’ (a Clean & Fruity Light Roast)
  • Bluto’s ‘No Good Sailor Blend’ (a Bombastic & Balanced Medium Roast)

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