Bethesda has enlisted the help of an additional studio, Double Eleven, to work on Fallout 76. Double Eleven has worked with other big developers such as Mojang for Minecraft Dungeons and Facepunch Studios for Rust.

Double Eleven CEO, Lee Hutchinson said in a statement, “It’s a privilege to be trusted to work on one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history. The team we’ve assembled to work on Fallout 76 are so passionate about the series, working with Bethesda is a dream come true.”

The two started speaking to each other in late 2020 about working on Fallout 76 but now Double Eleven is able to announce its partnership publicly. The studio’s work will include creating new challenges for players in the game.

Fallout 76 first launched in November 2018 to tepid reviews. In GameSpot’s Fallout 76 review, Edmond Tran said, “Fallout 76 attempts to execute on some significantly new ideas for the series, but with few exceptions, they notably limit the major facets of the game.”

However, Bethesda has continued to support the game over the years and has since released a new content roadmap for 2022. Additionally, Bethesda’s PC launcher will close later this year and the company will migrate over to Steam, presumably to keep consistent with Microsoft’s mantra after being acquired, as Microsoft’s first-party titles are on Steam.

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