Like the first Dying Light, Dying Light 2 is going to be a big open world game you can play by yourself if you want to—but why, when wailing on zombies is such a good time in co-op? I expect that’s the way most people will end up playing Dying Light 2, because brains just bring friendships closer together.

After playing about four hours of Dying Light 2 in a recent demo (solo, tragically), I interviewed lead designer Tymon Smektała and asked if Techland had thought about adding character classes for co-op. I had Borderlands on the mind, which shares some similarities in its light RPG systems and piles of loot, but gives each character a specific role in combat. Dying Light 2 has a skill tree, but it looks more like the type you completely fill out by the end of the game, rather than one designed to hone in on a specific playstyle.

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