There’s nothing quite like chopping up a zombi- sorry, Infected, with a machete. I’m not quite sure if the glee comes from my recent aversion to (cough) viruses or if it’s simply the satisfaction of lopping the head off of a creature in a hazmat suit. But, it feels cathartic in a way – and considerably better in Dying Light 2: Stay Human than it did in its predecessor.

The Infected attack is arguably unprovoked; I am simply minding my own business, on a side quest that was only meant to see me lighting a memorial candle to pay respects to March Madness (no, not the basketball one), a mission that subtly hints why I am using a machete rather than a gun to knock these creeps back to hell – or wherever they came from. Instead, the quest has taken somewhat of a turn, and I’m now playing detective with the subtlety of a brick as I attempt to get to grips with Dying Light 2’s mechanics during the first half-hour of my 4.5-hour preview session. Does that learning experience involve randomly throwing knives in the direction of Infected? Maybe. Does it require setting the area around me aflame with Molotov cocktails? Definitely. But it is all in the name of gaming science – I swear. 

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