A Battlefield 2042 player shares an amazing clip in which they remarkably take down sixteen unexpecting opponents in just one second.

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Battlefield 2042 releases on November 19, just a few days from now. But Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are receiving an early taste of the new Battlefield game, as well as those that bought the Ultimate Edition, and with that players are sharing some impressive, hilarious, and high-flying clips of Battlefield 2042. One such video is already making the rounds and receiving praise, as it has a player apparently racking up 16 kills in just 1 second.

Battlefield has historically been a communal experience as players share epic moments throughout the series. That looks to continue with Battlefield 2042 and the multiplayer moments that DICE and EA look to provide. Between the beta and early access, the community has already been reacting to the Michael Bay-style clips of Battlefield 2042, and now they have another video to do just that with a moment shared by a Battlefield player.


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Recently, Reddit user u/ChineseLok shared a video on r/Battlefield in which they flew a jet directly into unsuspecting enemies below. While crashing the aircraft, the jet exploded and took out 16 people, racking up a kill count that is extremely impressive. This is the type of exaggerated insanity that Battlefield 2042 was made for, and the type of clip that the series has been known to provide. The video has over twelve thousand upvotes on Reddit, as hundreds of commenters have applauded the ingenuity and remarkably successful move.

As hilarious as the clip is, and as funny as many of these moments can be, thus far Battlefield 2042 has been receiving very poor user reviews. The game has spectacular moments, such as players being able to get 16 kills in just a second, but the community is complaining that it is more fluff than substance. Still, an over-the-top and wild sandbox ride is something that many players can get behind, and that is something that Battlefield 2042 provides.

On top of the lack of depth, however, the game is filled with glitches and issues. The beta was flooded with problems, and that apparently has carried into the full release, including the fact that Battlefield 2042 is causing Xbox consoles to crash just as hard as the jet in the video that u/ChineseLok shared. Even if DICE and EA could promise that Battlefield 2042 would be fleshed out over time with updates and advancements, the community will likely shrink rather quickly if the game remains in a broken state.

Battlefield 2042 releases November 19 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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